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OACP Responds to OIPRD's Use of Force Review

The OACP has responded to a request from the Office of the Independent Review Police Director, Gerry McNeilly, asking for the OACP’s input into its “systemic review” of the Toronto Police Service’s “use of force, lethal use of force, and de-escalation techniques in dealing with individuals with mental health issues, emotionally disturbed people and people in crisis”.

The Director noted that, “while the Terms of Reference specifically refer to the Toronto Police Service, the OIPRD is hopeful that the systemic review will be relevant to improving policing across Ontario.” Police Chiefs across Ontario have been contacted for their input.

Following a discussion by the Board at its December Board Meeting, OACP Executive Director Ron Bain advised the OIPRD Director that the independent report issued by Justice Frank Iacobucci last July into systemic use of force issues at Toronto Police Service identified what the OACP considers relevant themes for consideration in reviewing use of force challenges in policing. Justice Iacobucci provided recommendations which are being acted on not only by Toronto Police Service, but by police organizations in Ontario. Mr. Bain suggested the Director consider the Iacobucci Report. Instead of another systemic review, he asked Director McNeilly to acknowledge the identified and explored themes in that report. As such, the Director could restrict his review to any themes not yet identified or included in the Iacobucci Report.

Previously, the OACP shared with all Chiefs a letter from the President, Chief Jennifer Evans, which provided information they should consider if they choose to respond to the OIPRD’s request. Please direct any questions to Joe Couto at

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