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Standing together to make a difference

Support for Missing Person Legislation

Ontario’s police leaders have added their voice to the growing movement calling on the Government of Ontario to introduce Missing Persons legislation.

On October 20, NDP MPP Catherine Fife (Kitchener Waterloo) introduced the first petition asking the government to introduce legislation. Ms. Fife’s petition notes that:

  • Police are not able to conduct through investigations upon receipt of a missing persons report, where criminal activity is not considered the cause;
  • This impedes investigators in determining the status and possibly the location of missing persons;
  • This legislation exists and is effective in other provinces; and
  • Negotiating rights to safety that do not violate rights to privacy has been a challenge in establishing missing persons’ law.

The OACP is urging the Attorney General to make the introduction of missing persons legislation a priority for 2015.

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